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Frequently Asked Questions

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Arts Centre Melbourne

About the Performance

  • Please view the What's On section of our website to search Arts Centre Melbourne's events, by date, keyword or genre. To stay informed of future events and special offers subscribe to eNews, our regular email updates.

  • Yes, unlike the cinema, shows begin at the advertised time and we recommend arriving at the venue no later than 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time to ensure you have time to get to your seats. Latecomers will only be admitted to the venue during a suitable break in the performance.
  • Running times and interval information for each performance is published online on the event details page (see What's On section); this information is subject to change and is often not available until full schedules have been confirmed which may be after tickets have been released for sale.
  • Previews take place prior to the official opening night and prior to press reviews being published.

    Please Note: Whilst extremely rare, directors reserve the right to stop a preview performance if absolutely required.
  • Casting information is published online where known, but is subject to change.
  • Some performances may contain theatrical effects like smoke, haze and strobe lighting. When these and other effects are known in advance, our website will provide information and signage will be displayed at the venue. If you would like more information on specific effects used for a performance, please enquire when booking or with the venue staff prior to the performance.
  • All companies make every effort to go on with their advertised cast. However, for many reasons, a cast member may occasionally be unable to perform. In most such cases, the cast change will either be announced prior to the commencement of the performance, or will be indicated by cast notices either slipped into programs or distributed at the venue doors.


  • Accessible seating is available for wheelchair users and their companions, in all Arts Centre Melbourne venues. You can book accessibility seating in person at Arts Centre Melbourne Box Office or via the telephone booking line 1300 182 183.

    Wheelchairs can be booked through the Concierge. Please call 9281 8298 if you require assistance.
  • Our car park has several accessible spaces. These cannot be reserved so, although we have plenty of spaces, it's best to arrive early. 

    To obtain further assistance during your visit, let us know you're coming on (03) 9281 8000.
  • If you experience difficulty hearing, assisted listening devices are available for use in all seats of Arts Centre Melbourne venues, as well as for Guided Tours and meetings. The units are available free of charge from venue staff, and either use standard headphones or connect with your hearing aid via a neck loop.

    Vision Australia provides Audio Description and Tactile Tours of selected performances. For details, visit Vision Australia or contact Janene Morrison Sadhu (03) 9864 9384, Tuesdays to Thursdays, for details.

    Braille is used in the lifts, as well as other areas of Arts Centre Melbourne. Other services including Captioning, Tactile Tours and AUSLAN interpretation are available for selected performances. Please enquire when making your booking.

    Companion Card
    The Companion Card has been developed by the Victorian Network on Recreation and Disability (VICNORD) and admits carers to shows as complimentary guests. Arts Centre Melbourne welcomes holders of this card to attend the many events on offer.
  • If your questions are not answered above please contact Arts Centre Melbourne's Access Manager on 03 9281 8503.

Attending the Theatre

  • Arts Centre Melbourne does not provide the facilities to hire opera glasses. Many regular theatre-goers own a pair of these small binoculars, to get a closer look at the intricate work on the costumes or the set, or to watch the performers more closely.
  • No, there is no official dress code for the Arts Centre Melbourne.

  • As a rough guide, we suggest you to be at the venue at least half an hour before the advertised starting time. 

    Many shows at Arts Centre Melbourne sell out, so on a busy night there can be as many as 5000 people in the Centre. Be sure to allow enough time to find parking, collect your tickets, cloak your larger items, make your way to the venue, buy a program, order your interval drinks and find your seat.

  • Due to the nature of live entertainment, trying to find your way to your seat once a show has started can seriously disrupt both the audience and the performers on stage. Therefore, most performances have a lockout which restricts anybody from entering the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. For some productions the lockout can be until interval; for others, the entire show.

    The best advice: Please arrive early to ensure a perfect experience.

  • While you’re welcome to keep your phone with you, it is a requirement of your entry into the theatres that you turn your mobile off completely.

    Switching a phone to silent may eliminate sound issues, but the radio frequencies used by your network are the same as those used by our technical equipment, so any phone left on may cause serious problems within the performance.

  • No, you cannot. All shows you see at Arts Centre Melbourne are protected by copyright laws and taking unauthorised still photos, video and audio recordings is a violation of these.

    Also, a single flash from the auditorium can be enough to seriously distract a performer which can cause major safety issues.

  • Many productions at Arts Centre Melbourne, including all Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performances, allow you to bring cold drinks into the theatre with you. Be sure to get a plastic cup from the bar before making your way inside.

    If in doubt, ask one of our staff.

  • While it sounds like a basic concept - you clap at the end of a show or the end of a song - you might wonder why some people clap when they do and whether you should join them.

    During an opera, people tend to applaud at the end of a scene (when the curtain comes down), or at the end of an impressive aria.

    In dance, the applause is more frequent with many audience members choosing to applaud impressive choreography while it’s being performed. Often, a particular dancer might receive a small round of applause when they first enter the stage.

    Symphonies are perhaps the trickiest. A piece will seem to have ended, and yet the audience sits quietly. Most pieces are made up of several ‘movements’, in between which the orchestra will wait for a few moments. It’s customary not to applaud until the end of the final movement. If you’re concerned, just follow everybody else's lead.

    Musicals, on the other hand, are likely to leave your hands sore. As well as clapping after each song and at the end of each act, a well-regarded performer might receive applause when they first enter, as might an impressive dance routine or special effect in the middle of a song or scene. The band or orchestra might also be worthy of your applause after the overture or a big musical moment.

    Applause is what performers live off and is always appreciated, so applaud whenever you feel like you should. If you’re worried however, just wait until everybody else claps.

  • To you, it might be a few whispered words. To the person beside, in front or behind you, it’s a major distraction from what’s happening on the stage.

    Our venues are designed with perfect acoustics so you can hear every word that comes out of the actors' mouths. Unfortunately, this means that in most cases they can hear every word that comes out of yours. You'd be surprised how obvious even a whisper in the auditorium is to a performer.

  • Keeping large items with you in the theatre can create enormous problems for anybody trying to get past you on their way to or from their seat. In the dark, this can be a serious safety hazard. We require you to cloak anything bigger than a large handbag. If in doubt, cloak it.

    Cloak rooms are available in both the Theatres building and Hamer Hall and are a free service.

  • Please call our Safety and Security Department, available 24 hours a day, on (03) 9281 8316.

  • Please check the Conditions of Entry for your event, since items permitted in the Bowl change from event to event. 

    However, please do not bring the following things into the venue: Breakable drinking glasses, elevated seating, hard-sided hampers, coolers and eskies, weapons and dangerous items, domestic animals and items which could impede other people's enjoyment. These are not permitted and will be kindly taken by our staffs before you enter the venue.

    To check the conditions of entry, please view the more information about the event from the What's On section.

  • Performances at the Bowl generally proceed regardless of the weather. These events carry a 'Proceed rain or shine' policy (as indicated on your ticket). If you hold lawn tickets, please remember to bring your protective gear and to dress warmly.

    For more information, please check the terms and conditions of entry.

  • Most performers are completely drained after a show and look forward to resting at home. If you've enjoyed a show so much you really want to catch a glimpse of the performer, then Stage Door is the place to go.

    With multiple exits to all Arts Centre Melbourne buildings, however, there's no guarantee they'll cross your path.

  • We have a set of standard conditions for anyone visiting our buildings. You can view these conditions here, or by clicking on the link at the bottom of our website, titled 'Conditions of Entry'.
    By entering any of the Arts Centre Melbourne buildings, you are agreeing to these conditions.


  • We welcome people of all ages to experience Arts Centre Melbourne’s events, facilities and services. 

    For the majority of events held at Arts Centre Melbourne, children who have not yet turned two years old may be admitted into an event at no cost and without a ticket. In these cases, children will not be allocated a seat and must be seated on the lap of a parent or guardian for the duration of the event. 

    Some events do require children under the age of two to be admitted with a ticket - particularly for performances programmed specifically for this age group. If this is the case, this requirement will be clearly stated on the event’s webpage. If you would like further clarification, please check the website or enquire with our team when booking. 

    Arts Centre Melbourne is a place for everyone in the community to enjoy. When bringing children to the Centre, we request that you consider the interests and enjoyment of other visitors. Any person (regardless of age) interrupting the enjoyment of other visitors may be asked to leave an event and/or the venue. 

    As per our conditions of entry, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • When you're young there's nothing worse than not being able to see something that everyone else can. While we don't supply booster seats, we do let children sit on cushions in our theatres. Please just make sure you're not obstructing the view of the person behind you while you're boosting.

  • Yes, we provide full changing facilities. Please ask our staff to direct you.


  • Donations to the First Call Fund assist schools challenged by cost, distance, special needs or other circumstances to participate in Art Centre Melbourne’s huge range of programs for schools, families and young people. Schools apply to the Fund to access financial assistance to help fund their visit. We also extend the opportunity to disadvantaged families by inviting charities including Mission Australia, The Brotherhood of St Laurence and The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre to apply on behalf of the families they work with. In a very real sense donations to the First Call Fund ensure that Arts Centre Melbourne remains a place for learning and inspiration for all.

  • 100% of the funds raised through the First Call Fund appeal are directed to the schools and families who successfully apply for subsidy. Periodically we also use the funds to help evaluate the program and make improvements to improve its impact. We cover the costs of running the campaign and administering the fund through our operating budgets.
  • Please call (03) 9281 8177.
  • We also accept donations over the phone by calling 03 9281 8177 during business hours (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday AEST). You can also download the form here, print it out and mail it, including a cheque or credit card information, to
    Private Giving & Memberships
    Arts Centre Melbourne
    Reply Paid 7585
    ST KILDA ROAD  VIC  8004
    Or fax the form to 03 9281 8335
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners or Cheques (made payable to the Victorian Arts Centre Trust)
  • Arts Centre Melbourne takes credit card storage and personal information storage very seriously. It is committed to keeping customer information safe. Arts Centre Melbourne has dedicated mechanisms and infrastructure to protect our customer's privacy and security and works closely with credit card, security and banking authorities to ensure practices, policies and procedures are of a high nature and quality. View Arts Centre Melbourne's privacy statement.
  • To provide us with updated details, please call (03) 9281 8453 or email If you are an Arts Centre Melbourne Member please ensure you have your Membership number to hand.


  • Arts Centre Melbourne is located in the middle of Melbourne’s arts and entertainment precinct.

    Located on St. Kilda Road, in between the National Gallery of Victoria (International), Southbank Arts and Leisure precinct and the Yarra River, it's only minutes away from Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and the Botanical Gardens.

    More location information, including map.

  • By train: Arts Centre Melbourne is only a five minute stroll south from Flinders Street station.

    By tram: Stop 14
    All tram lines that travel up or down St. Kilda Road and Swanston Street stop outside Arts Centre Melbourne.

    By car: While Arts Centre Melbourne is on St. Kilda Road, city traffic means it’s probably quicker and easier to take Alexandra Avenue, Sturt Street or City Road, depending on where you’re coming from.

    Our car park is located on Sturt St. See Parking for further information.

  • The Spire at Arts Centre Melbourne is one of our city skyline’s iconic landmarks.

    Arts Centre Melbourne frequently receives requests from organisations and the general public to illuminate or ‘light’ the Spire with specific colours to support a community or charitable campaign, cultural event or high-profile cause. Arts Centre Melbourne reviews each request against the following set of criteria before granting its permission:

    • Illuminating the Spire is related to a high-awareness or high-profile community message, significant social/community campaign, major cultural event, a response to a national or global event, or significant charitable cause deemed appropriate by Arts Centre Melbourne, or that champions the development and promotion of the performing arts.
    • This event, campaign or cause is consistent with Arts Centre Melbourne’s values, brand and brand values.
    • As a publicly funded cultural institution, Arts Centre Melbourne is apolitical and can in no way support, or be seen to support, campaigns or causes of a political nature. Campaigns or causes aligned to gambling, tobacco or alcohol or those with commercial outcomes will not be supported.
    • There is sufficient profile or awareness of the high-profile community or charitable campaign, cultural event or cause, for the Spire illumination to be connected and understood by the general public.
    • There is appropriate acknowledgement of Arts Centre Melbourne as part of a high-profile community or charitable campaign, cultural event or cause, such as via any media (print, broadcast or social) campaigns or coverage.

    Please note: Not all requests are able to be accommodated and all decisions are final.

    Depending on your requirements, there may be costs associated with illuminating the Spire. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Please email your request to Centre stage and provide as much detail about your request as possible, including the event/cause being supported, preferred date(s), lighting colour or colours to be programmed as a sequence (if applicable) and details of planned marketing and communications activities.

  • No, Arts Centre Melbourne is made up of two primary buildings as well as the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The 'Theatres' building of Arts Centre Melbourne, also known as the ‘building with the spire’, contains the State Theatre, the Playhouse and the Fairfax Studio, as well as Gallery 1, Café Vic, the Barre and the Pavilion. Hamer Hall (formally known as the Melbourne Concert Hall) sits next door, beside the Yarra River. Both, as well as the lawn in between, the forecourt and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl are part of Arts Centre Melbourne.

  • Arts Centre Melbourne has three ATMs: beside the car park cashier on level 5 of the Theatres building; beside the rear entrance to the Barre on level 6 of the Theatres building; and in Fatto Bar & Cantina at the side of Hamer Hall overlooking the river. The nearest ATMs outside the building are in the Southbank Arts and Leisure Precinct.

  • No. You’re thinking of the National Gallery of Victoria. Arts Centre Melbourne is Victoria’s premiere performing arts venue. The National Gallery of Victoria, right next door, has the State's largest collection of classic national and international art.
    Arts Centre Melbourne does boast an impressive art collection itself, however, with most works having been commissioned for the spaces in which they hang. The majority of these works are on public display in our foyers and exhibition spaces. The largest of our galleries is Gallery 1. Take the time to either explore the works for yourself, or to take one of our guided tours.
  • Sir Roy Grounds was the architect of both Arts Centre Melbourne and the National Gallery of Victoria.
    John Truscott, an Academy Award™ winning costume and production designer, was the interior designer.
    For more information, take a Guided Tour of Arts Centre Melbourne or check out the book 'A Place Across the River' by Vicki Fairfax.
  • Arts Centre Melbourne is a smoke free venue. Smoking is permitted only outside the building, and any 'No Smoking' notices should be observed.
  • To view our policy on Feedback and Complaints please click here.

General Ticketing Information

  • Yes. Please first find the event you would like to attend from our What's On listings, and then click the Book Now button and follow the steps outlined.

  • We strongly recommend that tickets are only purchased through an authorised Ticketing Service Provider. Please contact us on 1300 182 183 to check the authorised Ticketing Service Providers for a particular event. We advise against buying tickets through unauthorised third party websites that sell secondary tickets, as there is no guarantee that tickets sold through these websites will be valid for entry to an event.

    Unless otherwise agreed, Arts Centre Melbourne can only provide information relating to a ticket purchase through its sales channels (including the validity of a ticket) to the account holder and/or credit card holder of the booking.

  • Arts Centre Melbourne is committed to displaying fees and charges up front so that consumers are aware of these prior to booking. 

    Service Charge: $8.50 per transaction

    Applies to all bookings made online or by phone, mail, fax and email. This fee goes directly towards providing, maintaining and updating the website and ticketing facilities and services we provide to you.

    Payment Processing Charge: 2.3% of the advertised ticket price

    Guidelines released by the Reserve Bank of Australia, which regulate how credit card merchant fees are collected, allow for retailers to pass on the cost of credit card payments to the consumer. For certain performances only, where indicated during the booking process, the promoter may elect to pass these fees onto those paying by credit card.

    Installment Fee: $4.40 per transaction

    Applies to Victorian Opera subscriptions, for those that wish to pay in two instalments.

    Exchange Fee: $4.40 per ticket

    Applies to ticket exchanges, where permitted. Additional fees may apply for each Presenting Company.

    Lost Ticket Pass Fee: $8.50 per transaction

    Applies when replacement tickets need to be issued (where permitted).

  • Arts Centre Melbourne Box Office
    Located in the Theatres Building 

    Monday – Saturday
    9am – 8.30pm

    Sunday & Public Holidays
    10am – 5pm  (Hours are subject to change due to performance times)

    (Excluding Christmas Day - Closed)

    Hamer Hall Box Office
    Located at the St Kilda Road level of Hamer Hall

    Open daily from 10am to 6:45pm from January to March and 10am to 5:45pm from April to June.

    For performance times outside of these hours the Box Office will open 90 minutes prior to performance.

  • Yes, Arts Centre Melbourne Gift Vouchers are available through our Website, Box Office and Contact Centre. Gift Vouchers are redeemable for Tickets, Valet Parking, Membership and Donations. Vouchers can be for any denomination, do not have to be redeemed in full during a single booking and can be redeemed via the Arts Centre Melbourne Website, Box Office or Contact Centre.

  • Customers should contact Arts Centre Melbourne via
    1300 182 183
    Subscribers should contact their subscription company to organise replacements.
    Please Note: Replacing tickets may incur an additional fee.
  • No, tickets are not refundable unless the performance is cancelled or if permitted in accordance with the Live Performance Australia's Code of Practice for the Ticketing of Live Entertainment Events in Australia.
  • By the very nature of live performance, sometimes a situation arises that necessitates the cancellation of a performance, usually on very short notice. In such cases, we will try to contact as many audience members as possible, with as much notice as is available.

    If time permits, notices will also be posted in various media locations.

    Details regarding the exchange of your cancelled tickets to another performance or refund will be available from the venue or the presenter via the box office.
  • No, tickets may not be exchanged. Some performing arts companies offer exchanges to their subscribers; details are available from the company from which the subscription was purchased.
  • At this time, Arts Centre Melbourne processes exchanges for subscription tickets for the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO), Opera Australia, and The Production Company. This list is subject to change.

    Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) subscription tickets can only be exchanged in person via the MSO's box office, located at 22 Fanning Street, Southbank.
    Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) subscription tickets can only be exchanged in person via the MTC's own box office, located in the Sumner Theatre on Southbank Blvd.
    The Australian Ballet (TAB) subscription tickets can only be exchanged with TAB, by phoning 1300 369741 to arrange.
  • Here are the links to websites of companies who perform at Arts Centre Melbourne and sell their own subscriptions and packages.

        The Australian Ballet
        Australian Chamber Orchestra
        Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
        Melbourne Theatre Company
        Opera Australia

  • Please check individual event information for concession details for each performance, as these can vary. You will need valid proof of concession to collect your tickets.

    A concession card (or valid photo ID if booking "Youth" tickets) is required at the time of purchase.
    Photocopies of concession cards can be used, provided the expiry date is clearly visible.

    Please note: Concession numbers are not sufficient proof of concession status.

  • A concession card (or valid photo ID if booking "Youth" tickets) is required at the time of purchase. Photocopies of concession cards can be used, provided the expiry date is clearly visible.

    Please note: Concession numbers are not sufficient proof of concession status.
  • Arts Centre Melbourne takes your contact details to ensure that our staff can replace your tickets if they go missing, inform you if there is a change to a scheduled performance, and provide you with better customer service.

    If you are booking tickets at the box office and would prefer not to provide your contact details, we will not be able to provide these services to you.

    Where you give your consent, we will also use your details for marketing purposes in accordance with our Privacy statement
  • If you are an Arts Centre Member you can book your tickets via the Member’s Ticketing Line. Contact details are on the back of your membership card which you receive upon payment of your membership. Please have your membership card handy when you call.


My Account

  • We need to register details when you purchase tickets online in order to be able to send you your tickets and accompanying receipts. By registering your details we can also assist with any enquiries you may have quickly and easily. It also allows you to update your account details and subscribe to or amend your subscription to eNews and Arts Centre Melbourne mailing lists, allowing you to take advantage of special offers.

  • Yes, by registering online you create an account that can be used for any Arts Centre Melbourne booking, including via our booking line on 1300 182 183 or at Arts Centre Melbourne Box Office. Simply let the ticketing agent know you have an existing account when you book.

  • If you have forgotten your password click here. Enter your email address in the form provided. An email will be sent to you containing a link; use that link to enter a new password.
    We cannot send you a new password over the network for your security. It is advisable to use a password that is more familiar to you.
    If you do not receive the password link email it may be because the email address you entered was incorrect or your account does not exist. If you are still not receiving the email, please call us on 1300 182 183.
  • Your username is the email address you supplied when you first created your account with us. If you have forgotten which email address you used please phone us on 1300 182 183.
    We cannot email you these details for your security.
  • With your Arts Centre Melbourne account you can easily update your details such as contact details and interests.
    You will have to log in to edit your account details. Click on the My Account link located at top of the page.
    You will be prompted to log in. Upon entering your details and you will be taken to the "My Account" section. You can update your account details under the "My Account Details" tab (located in the left column) or edit your interests and art-form preferences under the "My Interests" tab. Locate the information you want to edit, and update the appropriate fields with your new information. Once you are finished, click the "Submit" button.
  • If you already have an account with Arts Centre Melbourne - either because you have previously booked an event at Arts Centre Melbourne or have subscribed to eNews – we may issue you with a temporary log in to assist you with setting up your online account for the first time. Using your temporary log in will ensure that your account will be populated with the contact details we already have for you, so you don't have to resupply these.
    To use your temporary log in go to the Register page on the website and enter the details supplied. You will be prompted to update your username and password.

News and Offers

  • For information on all our forthcoming events, visit our What's On section. Here you can search Arts Centre Melbourne's events, by date, keyword or genre.
    For news about upcoming events and special offers, you can also sign up for eNews - Arts Centre Melbourne's free e-newsletter.
  • Become an Arts Centre Melbourne Member. Arts Centre Melbourne Members get all sorts of discounts, special offers and invitations to a calendar of events and functions. Members receive 25% off the rack rate in the car park, a personalised booking line, 2-for-1 guided tours, 15% off at Café Vic and much, much more.
    Paid Arts Centre Melbourne Members even have their own Members Lounge Dining Room, available for pre-theatre dining or light refreshments. More Membership information
    Alternatively sign up for eNews for news about upcoming events and special offers.
  • It could be that our emails may be going to your Junk Folder. In many instances you should be able to click on the email and then the 'not junk' icon in your email browser. Or you may need to add Arts Centre Melbourne's IP address to your 'safe list'. Call us on 1300 182 183 and we should be able to help.
    It could also be that the email address you have supplied to us is not the one that you are checking for eNews. If in doubt, call the Contact Centre on 1300 182 183 and get the staff member to check the primary email address for your account.
  • Yes we can. You can either log into your account and unsubscribe from eNews or call 1300 182 183 and 'opt out' of receiving information from us (post or email).
    If you have any further questions in relation to Privacy view our privacy statement contact our privacy officer on or (03) 9281 8000

Online Bookings

  • Yes. First find the event you would like to attend from our What's On listings, click the Book Now button and follow the steps outlined.
  • Select Your Own Seat allows you to choose the exact seat you would like using an interactive seating map. If Select Your Own Seat is activated for the event you have chosen, once you have chosen a performance date, you will see a view of the venue map. First select the desired section.

    The map will change to a seat view from which you can select the individual seat(s) you require. Use the scroll and arrow bars in the top right corner to move around the map. The seats you have selected will be listed below. You can remove seats from this list by clicking the cross that appears on the right hand side of the booking cart.

    If Select Your Own Seat is not available for the event you will be able to choose your seats using the Best Seats Available option.
  • When selecting 'Add to my cart' button, if you click the button more than once during processing, multiple sets of tickets will appear in the cart. Ensure you only click the button once. If more than one set of tickets appear in your cart, simply click the cross that appears on the right hand side of the booking cart.

  • No, you cannot print your tickets. Up until one week prior to your chosen performance, tickets will be mailed out to you via regular post, unless you select Venue Collection or another postal option. Tickets booked less than one week prior to your chosen performance will be held for Venue Collection at Arts Centre Melbourne box office.



  • Arts Centre Melbourne takes credit card storage and personal information storage very seriously. It is committed to keeping customer information safe. Arts Centre Melbourne has dedicated mechanisms and infrastructure to protect our customer's privacy and security and works closely with credit card, security and banking authorities to ensure practices, policies and procedures are of a high nature and quality. View Arts Centre Melbourne's privacy statement.
  • Arts Centre Melbourne accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners across all of our booking channels: online, by phone, or over the counter at the box office.
  • No, tickets cannot be booked without payment in full.
  • No, tickets must be paid for in full at the time of booking. All bookings online require a valid credit card to process the payment in full.
  • Please contact Arts Centre Melbourne via

    1300 182 183


    One of our Customer Ticketing Assistants will be able to help you with this matter.

  • A service charge is incurred for each ticket order completed online, via mail order or Arts Centre Melbourne telephone booking line, regardless of how many tickets are purchased within that order. If you book in person at Arts Centre Melbourne box office, you will not incur a service charge.

  • Your ticket is a tax invoice. The total price of the ticket includes GST where an asterisk (*) is printed on the ticket. Where no asterisk is printed, the ticket is GST exempt. For a full tax invoice, please call 1300 182 183.

Ticket Collection and Delivery

  • Tickets sent via Regular Post should reach you within 7 to 10 days.

    If you are booking tickets for a General Admission event, we strongly recommend Registered Post (at a charge of $5.50). If however your event occurs within the next 14 days please select venue collection.

    Express post is also available for a charge of $5.50

  • You can collect your tickets from Arts Centre Melbourne box office any time Monday to Saturday, 9am to 8.30pm and Sunday, 10am to 5pm if you have selected Venue Collection when buying your tickets. If you have purchased your tickets within one hour of the performance start time you can pick them up from the box office associated with the particular venue.

    For performances in the State Theatre, Playhouse and Fairfax Studio, go to Arts Centre Melbourne's main box office in the Theatres building. There is a priority queue at the far right of the box office counter for Venue Collections;
    For performances in Hamer Hall, go to the St Kilda Road level box office at Hamer Hall;
    For performances at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, go to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl box office, located at Gate 1, unless signalled on-site to an alternative area

  • If you are collecting your tickets within one hour of the Performance start time, you should go to the venue box office:

    For performances in the State Theatre, Playhouse and Fairfax Studio, go to Arts Centre Melbourne's main box office in the Theatres building. There is a priority queue at the far right of the box office counter for Venue Collections;
    For performances in Hamer Hall, go to the St Kilda Road level box office at Hamer Hall;
    For performances at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, go to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl box office, located at Gate 1, unless signaled on-site to an alternative area.

  • When collecting your tickets, you will need your Order Number and the credit card used for the booking. You may be asked to show photo ID, and you will need to bring your valid concession card/s for any tickets purchased at a concession rate.
  • Yes (excluding the Sidney Myer Music Bowl), provided we have received prior authorisation from you and the person collecting the tickets has your account details and their photo id with them at the time of collection

While You Are Here

  • Many performances have souvenir programs for sale, which can be purchased from staff in the foyers or in the auditorium. Program sellers take cash only, although most programs can be purchased from the Information Desk on the ground level using credit cards or EFTPOS.

    Certain shows, including musicals, operas and many concerts, have additional merchandise on sale in the foyer areas, such as CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, etc.

  • Cento Espresso, situated in the front forecourt, serves some of Melbourne's best coffee and hot/cold drinks with a light snack prior to or after the show. OPen from 7am until late every day. More about Cento Espresso.

    The Barre offers a range of stylish small platters beautifully matched with an excellent wine list and diverse cocktail menu pre or post show. Open from 4:00pm until late every day, a perfect complement to any show. More about the Barre.

    Café Vic, located on the ground floor of the Theatres Building, is available for morning coffee, light lunch, afternoon tea, pre and post show dining. Mo Sunday: 11:00am to post-show. More about Café Vic.

    Bar Mezz, hidden on the stairs that lead from ground floor to State Theatre, offers a selection of delicious tapas style dishes, inspired by flavours of the Mediterranean and served with our cocktail of the day or a glass of premium wine. More about Bar Mezz.

    Allegro can be found on Smorgan Plaza near the car park entrance and serves a selection of vibrant salads, mini hot items, delightful rolls and mouth watering sweet treats, complemented by a selection of Australian wines. Open one hour prior to performances in the Theatres Building. More about Allegro.

    Foyer Bars are a feature every theatre, whether you are in the State, Playhouse or Fairfax Studio, you will find a great selection of Yering Station wines, tasty snacks or just a coffee. The bars open one hour prior to performance, so why not arrive early and pre-order your drinks for interval to avoid the queues. Open one hour prior to performance in State Theatre. More about Foyer Bars.

  • Heaps. While most people think of Arts Centre Melbourne as a place that only comes alive at night, the truth is there’s always something going on. Our gallery spaces, with exhibitions as varied as the history of circus or art inspired by jazz are open every day until late.

    For a unique insight into one of Melbourne's iconic buildings, take a Guided Tour. Theatres & Exhibition tours take you through the foyers and into the auditoriums (where available) and explain the history, design and function of the buildings, as well as explaining the significance of the artwork that fills the walls of our foyers. They run Monday to Saturday at 11am (including public holidays).

    For a completely different look at the centre, the Sunday Backstage tour, which leaves at 11am, takes you behind the scenes to see the very different world that the actors and crews inhabit. Check out a dressing room, step onto a stage or wander through the orchestra pit.

    If you're turning up in a group, why not make it a private tour? Your personal guide will cater the tour to what you want to see, and you can make it any time you want. And don’t forget, there’s plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or a drink!

    More information on guided tours

    For students or kids, there's the The Channel, a state-of-the-art facility that specialises in teaching the latest in music and video technology. 

    Add our cafés, bars and restaurants and it makes Arts Centre Melbourne much more than a 'building with theatres in it'.

  • All levels of each venue at Arts Centre Melbourne feature multiple exits. In the event of an emergency, follow the advice of staff and walk to your nearest exit.

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