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What Drives Us

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The functions of the Trust are outlined in s 5(1) of the Victorian Arts Centre Act 1979. They are to:
  • Control, manage, operate, promote, develop and maintain the Centre
  • Present and produce theatrical performances, operas, plays, dramas, ballets and musical and other performances and entertainment of any kind at any place
  • Promote the use of the theatres, concert hall and other places of assembly by suitable persons and bodies
  • Provide leadership in the promotion and development of the performing arts
  • Ensure the maintenance, conservation, development and promotion of the State collection of performing arts material
  • Oversee the exhibition of performing arts material from the State collection and make any performing arts material from the State collection available on loan to persons or institutions
  • Establish, maintain, conserve, develop, promote and exhibit the public art collection
  • Make any object from the public art collection available for study or loan to persons or institutions, subject to any conditions that the Trust determines
  • Carry on, whether within or outside Victoria, whether alone or in association with any other person or persons and whether or not in relation to the Centre, a business of providing ticketing, inventory management of admissions, marketing and related services
  • Perform any other functions appropriate to the Centre as the Minister may approve
  • Carry out any other function conferred on the Trust under the Act.

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